Save your often used snippets and then expand them whenever you type their abbreviation.

For example:- spr` expands to "Snippet Pixie rules!"

Snippet Pixie edit snippets screenshot

Quick Start Guide

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Choosing an Abbreviation

Abbreviations should be short, easy to remember and hard to trigger accidentally.

It helps if an abbreviation includes either a key word from the fully expanded text, or an initialization or acronym that is part of it.

For example, if you regularly wrote "Snippet Pixie" 😉 you might use "sp".

However, there are a lot of words that include the letter combination "sp", so there's a reasonably high chance that Snippet Pixie would expand that abbreviation when you didn't want it to.

So instead it's common to add a "trigger character" to the end of the abbreviation. This is commonly a character that isn't found in normal sentences such as "`" or "~" that is easy to find on your keyboard. Often just appending a space is enough, or doubling up characters.

I personally use "`" (commonly known as grav or backtick) a lot as it's a single keystroke on my British layout keyboard just below my Escape key. So for me "sp`" is a natural abbreviation for "Snippet Pixie".

However, I could see using "sp " or "spp" for the abbreviation.

If you do use a trailing space as your trigger character you might find it useful to include a trailing space in the text that is expanded, e.g. "sp " expands to "Snippet Pixie " as it's more natural when typing.

Command Line Options

com.github.bytepixie.snippetpixie [OPTION…]

Show Snippet Pixie's window (default action)

Start with no window

Fully quit the application, including the background process

Turn auto start of Snippet Pixie on login, on, off, or show status of setting

Shows status of the application, exits with status 0 if running, 1 if not

-e, --export=filename
Export snippets to file

-i, --import=filename
Import snippets from file, skips snippets where abbreviation already exists

If used in conjunction with import, existing snippets with same abbreviation are updated

Display version number

-h, --help
Display help